Superior (Spacious) massage chair.

The most prominent distinctive feature of SM series is the quantity of rollers being consisted of 6 or 8 rather than 4 on SL track. This feature can provide the sufficient coverage of massage while the rollers move from head to under thigh areas with perfect pressure of the rollers on the body every time. SM series is also thoughtfully made for taller and bigger individuals by planning not only the spacious structure but building the chair more robustly to enhance the durability. Also it is designed with finest materials to provide luxury and ultimate pleasantness. Foot and calve massage are also superior with triple rollers and embracing air cell massages complement a full body massage.

Recommended Height and weight: 5’2” to 6’5” up to 350lbs

Space saving Zero Gravity

Kahuna Massage Chair, SM-9300

4D+@ Dual Air Float Flex-HSL-track Zero-Gravity Space-Saving
with premium features and Infrared heating therapy

KAHUNA CHAIR - SM 9300 [Black]

Average rating: 5 based on 2 reviews

KAHUNA CHAIR - SM 9300 [Black]

I really like this chair. Specifically N.I.R rollers.

KAHUNA CHAIR - SM 9300 [Black]

Got it as a Christmas gift and use it every day. Love the stretching program.

Kahuna Massage Chair, SM-7300S

SL-Track Zero-Gravity Space-Saving with double length leg extention
with premium features Full Body Kahuna Massage Chair
with 12 Auto Programs including stretching and heating therapy

[PRE-ORDER 6-15-23] KAHUNA CHAIR - SM-7300S [Dark Brown]

Average rating: 4.47 based on 19 reviews

[PRE-ORDER 6-15-23] KAHUNA CHAIR - SM-7300S [Dark Brown]

Great machine. has helped tremendously with back problems. I have 3 wishes:1. I wish the remote had a backlite so that I could see it while getting a nice relaxing msaasage in a dimly lit or dark space.2. I wish that the chair was able to massage the back of my legs (hamstring area) better.3. I also wish that I could adjust the air massage in sections. For example, I like the strong air massage on my back and hips, but not my legs and feet.Otherwise, it is a great machine.

[PRE-ORDER 6-15-23] KAHUNA CHAIR - SM-7300S [Dark Brown]

I love this chair. My friends love this chair.I paid, what I consider, a reasonable price. It came when it was supposed to. It wasnt that difficult to setup. The pre-programmed massage programs are fantastic. I should have bought this chair a long time ago.For whatever reason, I have been getting a knot in my right shoulder. Its deep inside my muscle and at times feels like a hot poker is being pressed into my shoulder. I took one (1), 45 minute massage, you heard right, one 45 minute massage, and the knot is gone and no hint of its return.I love this chair.

Kahuna Massage Chair, SM-7300

SL-Track Zero-Gravity Space-Saving with double length leg extention
Full Body Kahuna Massage Chair with 9 Auto Programs
including stretching and heating therapy

KAHUNA CHAIR - SM 7300 [Black]

Average rating: 4.14 based on 68 reviews

KAHUNA CHAIR - SM-7300 [Dark Brown]

I use this chair daily for my lower back pain. Love the zero gravity feature. Item arrived early in two large boxes by a freight company as promised. Would highly recommend this chair.

KAHUNA CHAIR - SM-7300 [Dark Brown]

Man with all the excellent reviews I am a bit puzzled. First I'm only 6'0 200 lbs and can barely fit in this thing. Your back never really feels like its resting against the back of the chair. You get a roller in the behind when you sit down till you get the thing going. Unless I'm missing something nothing is every in contact up around your shoulders what so ever. Yea get a pillow if you want to watch tv while using. I'll to do some more testing and research, maybe missing something.