KAHUNA CHAIR – LM 9100 – Blue/Black



LM9100 is the embodiment of perfection in terms of excellent price performance ratio – Wondrous provides human hand mimicking massage and no awkwardness is acceptable. Because every possible concern of not being satisfied, has been accounted for in the design. And the user will find that every wish regarding comfort and relaxing and stress reliving experience are found in LM9100 with the exceptional options that are providing: 21 Auto Programs and 11 Massage Techniques, plus manual settings. One of the most defining characteristics of wondrous is the Zero Gravity Experience that provides as far as to almost 180 degrees of adjustment, and the dual calf massage option of air cell kneading and roller massage elevates the massage in to perfection. Unlike the conventional massage chair, which is either S or L Track, the wondrous is designed with SL Track, which incorporates both functions to provide the broader range and precision. As it is a 4D roller system, the product is designed with the utmost focus on individual’s tolerance level and preferences and as a result any parts of your body served undeserved; there are height adjustments as the user can extend feet and change position of the shoulders. Even the hands are given the option of massage through the air cell massage and acupressure balls. Overall, the experience is truly unrivaled to that of any other products that exist in same category.

Basic Details
1. 4D 4 roller System on SL Track :Two differently sized rollers are working versatilely and gaplessely to fulfill its purpose to release tension in both big and small muscles effectively
2. Auto and manual shoulder Detection: Hands free auto shoulder detection for the convenience and manual detection for precision and time saving.
3. Space Saving 3 levels of Zero Gravity: Providing weightless comfort without ruining your interior or disturbing the way of others while you are enjoying Wondrous.
4. Foot Reflexology Massage: It is the final piece of puzzle to consummate the relaxation.
5. Full Body Air cell massage: Provides additional secureness and coziness.
6. Bluetooth Speakers: Music is the great stress relieving mate.
7. Ondol Heating : The Warmth will embrace your body for better soothing and relaxing
8. USB Port and Cellphone holders: Your cell phone will also be recharged and rested while you are being recharged and resting
Wondrous Specialties
1 11 massage technics including both traditional and newly invented wondrous made technics : provides plethora options for your unique taste and needs
2 5 real 4D intensity adjustments including speed control : Experience the real hands coming out from your massage Chair
3 21 Auto Programs: More Auto programs mean more auto programs to Love and enjoy!!
4 Calf Air cell kneading and Roller massage: Just Remarkable!!! You just need to try!!
5 Acupressure massage on hands : Never to neglect the treatment for your precious hands
6 Voice recognition control : you can have conversation with your massage chair
7 Memory Function to save up to 5 favorite programs for allowing the quick access.