Elite Massage Chair.

EM Series will treat you as you are the significant member of a Elite society. The big touch screen remote controller allows the user to easily and conspicuously control all of the excellent features and functions which enable the perfect and one of kind customized massage for each individual. All fully assembled massage chairs boast its most futuristic design as well with the opulent details in high end style.

* Recommended Heights and Weights: 5′ to 6’2″ and up to 240lbs

Kahuna Massage Chair, EM-8500

Fully Assembled, 4D massage chair that features 5 different massage control intensity
adjustments and 24 auto programs and many options to perfectly customize your massage

KAHUNA CHAIR - EM-8500 [Blue/Grey]

Average rating: 3 based on 2 reviews

KAHUNA CHAIR - EM-8500 [Blue/Grey]

This is my 3rd chair from Kahuna... The others have been decent... One is still working, the other stopped working after a few years and couldn't be fixed at all, even though it was just one motor that went bad. So eventually after a lot of research I decided to go with this chair. Huge huge huge mistake. It's too strong, even on level 0, and it scans your body on level three... Foot roller is too strong and not adjustable, doesn't really stretch, stupid custom program names, when it's off a red light on the screen and blue light on the arm of the chair blink all night. Just can't say enough bad things about it.

KAHUNA CHAIR - EM-8500 [Blue/Grey]

Wow what an amazing chair. I can’t even describe how pleased I am. I’ve been in other companies chairs and they do not compare! Beautifully crafted and looks like an art piece in my home. Everyone who sees it will make a comment about just how outstanding it looks. The massage chair itself is the Lamborghini of chairs. I am 100% honest about this and is worth every cent! I have back issues and am on my feet 24/7 as a health care worker and this has made my life so much better. Now the customer service is the best I’ve ever seen for any company for any products. They are responsive attentive and give you a personal experience. I just can’t say enough about the company because at the end of the day they are the only ones that can help and and answer your questions. If anyone has a any questions pertaining to the chair or service feel free to ask a question on here and I will gladly answer. I am not getting paid for this review though I love it and recommend it for anyone who wants a massage like the real thing. I have enjoyed mine everyday and look forward to getting home from work and decompressing. You cannot go wrong here!!

Kahuna Massage Chair, EM-8300

Elite 3D + 4 Roller mechanism allows fine and delicate touch
to provide the best feelings of the massage 24 powerful & unique auto programs

KAHUNA CHAIR - EM-8300 [Black]

Average rating: 5 based on 2 reviews

KAHUNA CHAIR - EM-8300 [Black/Grey]

Very detailed chair and speed dial controller is very useful and game changer@

KAHUNA CHAIR - EM-8300 [Black]

Love the looks and massage quality.
Our entire family loves it.

Kahuna Massage Chair, EM-ARETE

ALL-IN ONE Full-body massage chair SL-track, 4 roller massage system
designed to give special experience


Average rating: 5 based on 5 reviews


This chair is worth every penny. Save money by having your own masseuse at home. It has every feature you would want!


We had some initial issues with scheduling delivery, but we worked that out.As for the chair, it's everything described and more. Here are a few things we really like about the chair:Tons of presetsYou can choose to target specific muscles or use a "specialty" preset, which is a massage program based on a trade or specialty (Office Clerk, for example). You can also choose the "Classic" programs which are intense.RealisticThe massage is better than an actual human. It feels realistic, but more enveloping than a traditional massage.Zero-GravityThe programs have varying levels of gravity, but you can set it to the mode you want. The max level is pretty cool.Easy to MoveJust tilt back and use the rollers.Much more!