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We are excited to introduce our exclusive line of products with extinguished ancillary service one can ever seek. Each and every customers satisfaction is what sustains our products. From manufacturing goods that meet the highest standards of ethics to providing individualized support for your needs, we want to assure you that you can rely on us. We are agile and flexible when it comes to providing you with highly customized services because each customers unexpressed needs and expectations can vary on a continuum.  It is in our best interest to maximize the value of your investment.

Perfect Service

We provide life-time technical support via phone. When your warranty period has expired, we assist you with further options for your technical issues such as referring you to one of our networks that can service your products at low costs. We pledge to show our commitment from beginning to end.

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Customers can contact the KAHUNA Massage Chair Customer Service department toll-free at 1-855-646-9500. Also, you can contact our e-mail to Info@kahunachair.com.

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